There is no doubt I read too many political articles and watch too much news.  But I try to be a good citizen by being aware of what is going on in the County, State, and Country. In fact, I often envy my friends or family members who have little knowledge of what is happening around the Country and no interest of what is going on in Local or National Politics  For sure, if I did not believe the Lord was in control, the chaos in the world could cause utter distress. For instance, there continues to be strong debates for potential problems with opening businesses and the fear of a spike in COVID Cases. And let us not forget the mounting war of words with China because of their possible connection to the Virus and the economic problems caused by COVID.  Another topic of interest is the mounting National Debt that Mrs. Pelosi wants to increase by Three Trillion Dollars.  So, with that cheery beginning, perhaps we should discuss two positive Williamsburg County experiences and disregard problems we cannot solve now.

During the last week of January, I had the opportunity to participate in the Poll Managers Training through the Voter Registration Office.  My friend Edith Redden was instructor for the class and without a doubt she was excellent.  Mrs. Redden was knowledgeable, motivating, and made the class fun. The class of 20 or so participants, which were primarily female, were serious and eager to provide a secure and legitimate voting opportunity on February 29, June 9, and November 3, for citizens in the County.  Adding validity to the training, participants were required to sign an oath affirming they were qualified to serve during the election.  In addition, poll workers must sign a second oath on election day swearing to conduct the election according to law.  Besides learning everything in the handbook, training participants needed to become proficient in working with the new voting machines. In addition to the original training, a recent training was held to update poll workers on procedures dealing with the COVID Virus.

With the Pandemic still active, and after reading several articles on voting by absentee ballot for the June 9th Primary, and with the Governor’s ruling that anyone can vote absentee, I decided to vote. Wearing a mask and carrying only my glasses and Identification, I entered the County Complex and was greeted warmly and directed down the hall to the lobby.  After showing my ID and requesting to vote in the Democratic Primary, I was given a paper to sign and was directed to the auditorium where the voting machines were located.  The poll worker in the auditorium, reviewed my paperwork and directed me to the new voting machine. There were three only 3 races in District 3 where I live: Coroner Race, Senate District 32 Democratic Primary, and District 3 County Council Race.  At the time, there was no one else voting and it took all of 5 minutes. Kudos to the Election Commission for planning and organizing a safe and easy way for absentee voting for the upcoming election. Regardless of what you may hear about voting in other counties and states, I believe our system is honest and responsible. So do not let the COVID Virus prevent you from voting on June 9. Anyone eligible to vote has the opportunity to vote absentee and for now all polling sites in the county plan to be open on June 9.

Since this is a personal column, it is my hope you will consider voting for Senator Ronnie Sabb for District 32.  District 32 includes most of Williamsburg and small portions of Georgetown, Florence, Berkley, and Horry Counties. Senator Sabb is dedicated to our community and has worked diligently for our district.  Your vote will help him continue working for us in the coming years.

Pandemics, politics, and challenges around the world provide the perfect back drop for understanding there is little we can do but pray and trust the Lord at this time in our history. And while you are trusting and praying, at least you can go vote. And I hope you will.

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