Technology has become part of our everyday lives. In fact it has become my coach, secretary and more recently, my brain. Over the years I’ve noticed a problem with my memory. Seems I can’t find anything. For years it was attributed to my ADHD which contributes to a lack of organization skills.

A typical day goes like this; I walk into the laundry room with a pile of clothes and the cat meows for food. I set down the clothes, open a can of cat food and remember I didn’t have laundry detergent so I walk to the kitchen where the grocery list is and write down the item.  This is when I notice a box of tissue that needs to be taken to the bathroom so off I go. Before I get there I notice it’s too hot in the house so I turn down the thermostat by one degree. The thermostat says I need to change the battery so I go in search of the manual to figure out how to complete that task. The TV is a little loud so I turn it down. When I do, I notice the show is not to my liking so I begin channel surfing till I find something more suitable to my immediate taste. In the meantime the clothes aren’t washed, the cat isn’t feed and the Kleenex is - well, who knows where it is - but I watched one heck-of-a-good episode of Deadly Women.

In order to combat this perplexing mental dysfunction I tried medications. One caused my blood pressure to go up (I stopped taking it and it went down) and the other made me sick for a period of time after taking it (no matter what carte du jour I chose). So without the meds I turned to my phone as an external memory bank and administrative assistant.

Please allow me to provide an example of how this new hope-in-the-palm-of-my-hand works.

I love a particular type of chipotle pepper in adobo sauce. Unfortunately, when shopping I can never remember which one of three brands I prefer. After a few rounds of buying all three, taking them home and opening each one to find out which one I can’t live without, I came up with a solution.

I took a photo of my favorite brand. Now I have it on my phone for future comparison. Problem solved, right? Well, just for backup, I’ll send the photo to my computer, then I’ll print it out and place the photo in the cupboard. Maybe I’ll make an extra copy and keep it in my purse - just in case. Now where is that phone.

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