Gville Post Office pic

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Greeleyville Post Office drew a crowd that included Senator Ronnie Sabb, Representative Cezar McKnight and Postal Operations Manager Gina Shaw.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stopped the opening of the new Greeleyville Post Office

It’s been nearly four years since the Greeleyville Post Office was closed.  In June 2016, the building that housed the office was deemed unsafe, operations were shut down and mail was rerouted to Kingstree. Eventually citizens would pick up their mail from an 8’x14’ camper-style mobile unit.

It took a lot of communication between officials and the powers that be and in December 2018, a ground breaking took place at the site of the future building. Greeleyville native and owner of Metro Dwellings, LLC, Kevin Giles constructed the post office.

On February 28, a crowd gathered outside the tall red brick building with expansive windows and metal awnings to celebrate the grand opening. “It is indeed a great day in South Carolina,” said Mayor Jessie Parker who was asked on a daily basis when the post office was coming. “So this is a big relief to me to be here today and having a ribbon cutting ceremony for this new, great post office building.”

The end result was made possible through the dedication of many, including constant communication between local, state, federal partners and the residents who stayed on officials and attended every meeting. “If that were not the case, I’d be surprised,” said Senator Ronnie Sabb. “One of the things we know about this community is that there is love, respect and appreciation and that’s why there’s never been a place that I ever wanted to call home other than Greeleyville, South Carolina.”

As did many who spoke at the ribbon cutting, business owner Walter Rogan focused on the employees who worked in the rain, cold and heat to bring the mail to their customers. “When you think, six days a week, you know how many days that they’re out there? That’s twelve hundred days. And that’s remarkable that they’ were willing to go out there and they continued to smile.”

Gina Shaw, Manager of Postal Operations praised the community for it’s spirit of cooperation. “After days turned into months and months turned into years, the day has finally arrived,” said Shaw. “This building is a reflection of the strength, the hope, the dreams of the people of Greeleyville.”