Coach Chuck pic

Williamsburg Academy JV football Head Coach Chuck Montgomery celebrated his third consecutive undefeated season with a heartfelt farewell. Montgomery says he won’t be stranger and plans to follow the Colts as they continue to play hard.

Photo by Michaele Duke

On October 24, Williamsburg Academy JV football coach Chuck Montgomery coached his last game. The Colts finished undefeated - for the third consecutive year. The stellar season was bittersweet. Coach Montgomery is retiring from coaching football.

Coach Montgomery began teaching at Williamsburg Academy in 1991 and a year later he added assistant JV football coach under the late Gus Montgomery. Jump one more year and Montgomery became head coach. During those 27 years, Montgomery has witnessed changes, most notably, injury-related advances. “Things like concussions, you’re a lot more aware of,” said Montgomery. “Now you go through concussion protocol which could last several weeks before they’re cleared to play.”

Under his direction, the 2A Colts have gone undefeated six times, an incredible feat for a tiny school in a rural community. Overall, the Colts (and the Ponys, which was fazed out in the 90’s) enjoyed 182 wins with 42 losses. Montgomery contributes his success as a coach to his former coach, Gus, who taught him so much and to his three assistant coaches, Johnny Ward, Jody Moore and Justin Osean. “I couldn’t have done it without their help,” he said. With such a stellar past, it’s hard to believe he could entertain the idea of quitting the sport. “You just reach a point - you’ve got to find that time when it’s time for you to go and I felt like this was the time,” said the 66-year-old. “You start thinking it’s time to pass it on to a younger person. This was a good time. We had three really good years.”

Montgomery said he would still be involved, just not on the field. “I promised them I’d be out there,” he said, adding that sixteen of his twenty-five players are moving up to varsity. “I’m definitely going to watch them and see how they do.”

Dr. Michele Butterworth’s three boys played football under Montgomery. Her youngest, Ryan, is the last to play for him. “He was a great role model for the boys and yes, will definitely be missed,” said Butterworth. One of the things she said she loved about the JV team was the way they worked together as a team. “Wasn’t one individual or another. It was an entire team effort and it worked. This is what Chuck promotes.”

Butterworth added he also teaches good sportsmanship and how to be good young gentleman on and off of the field. “It is amazing that he has had three undefeated seasons in a row to end his career. And during this time he also has given all of the players on the team a chance to play. I loved watching the older players and the starters on the team supporting the younger ones.”

Walking along the outside of the fence on Friday nights will not be the same for the coach but it will keep him close to the boys and the memories. “I will miss them terribly,” he said. “I will miss the kids, I will miss the football games, but I won’t miss the August heat.”