Williamsburg Missionary Baptist Educational Association Youth Convention pictured (R to L) are Sister Andrea Johnson, teacher; Sister Antoinette Finney, secretary; Minister Janie D. Driffin, youth coordinator; the Rev. Dr. Herman Gibson, Jr., moderator; Sister Virginia McBride, teacher; Sister Ida Nero, teacher; and Sister Loretta Easterling, teacher.

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The Williamsburg Missionary Baptist Educational Association’s 21st Annual Youth Convention was held Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4, at the Saint Matthew Missionary Baptist Church in Salters, where the Rev. Charles B. Johnson was the host pastor. The theme was “Leading Our Teens Biblically In Ministries.” 2-Chronicles 34:1-3. Friday night the messenger was Elder Trevon D. McClary, Pastor and Establishmentarian of the Freedom Worship Center in Kingstree. Saturday at 11 a.m. “Life Lessons” Workshops began with the adult class (19+), taught by Moderator Herman Gibson, Jr.; young adults (15 to 18) taught by Sister Andrea Johnson; teens (11 to 14) taught by Sister Virginia McBride; primary (seven to 10) taught by Sister Ida Nero; and pre-school (three to six) taught by Sister Loretta Easterling. Following the workshops, everyone feasted and fellowshiped together followed by an outside extravaganza for all the children.

Williamsburg Missionary Baptist Educational Association Youth Coordinator Minister Janie D. Driffin stated, “In Leading Our Teens Biblically In Ministries” involves teaching our teens everyday, talking to them when we are sitting in our homes, when we are walking by the wayside, when we lie down, and when we rise. Driffin stated, “Leading Our Teens Biblically is continuously, no matter how young or how old they are.” “There is no more important thing,” she stated. “We as parents can do for our teens than to teach them the Biblical Truth.” Leading Our Teens Biblically in Ministries on one or two hours on Sunday will not do it. “That’s not enough.”

Unless we as parents talk to our teens, probe their understanding and attitudes toward the Biblical Truth about the Word of God, explain the Word of God to them, and apply it in their hearts, if we don’t do this, then we don’t know them. Driffin stated, “We have to equip, encourage, and sanctify them for life.” “Being a teenager is sometimes hard.” “For a Christian teenager sometimes it’s even harder.” “As leaders in the Williamsburg Missionary Baptist Educational Association, our ultimate goal is to continuously reach out spiritually to our teens.” As Matthew 28:18 states, “We are commanded to make disciples.” Our teens will never learn the scriptures unless we teach the scriptures and explain the scriptures to them.

For 21 years the youth convention has been all about getting teens involves in services and Biblical workshop training. This gave them as leaders and teachers an opportunity to guide children into a rich, rewarding, and a productive life of Biblical Ministry. In addition, Driffin, stated, “We created a team spirit with our teens in the Association that lets them know that they are a part of our team. It is easier to work toward a common goal for them when they are involved. Along with “Leading Our Teens Biblically In Ministries.” “We encourage parents and teachers to study together historic and contemporary heroes such as Bible characters, missionaries, pastors, and businessmen who have set inspiring examples in serving humanity. Driffin stated, “Teens usually respond to the lives of great individuals in a positive way in their lives.” “The Association Youth Convention’s mission is to keep our youth ministry in the joy of service and spiritually in focus.”