WA Image Award pic

WA receives HomeTown Chamber Image Award

Williamsburg Academy has been awarded the Williamsburg HomeTown Chamber’s Image Award for the month of September. The private school is celebrating its 51st year of operation and on October 9, will host their homecoming. 

The school credits its success to its strong alumni support as well as a strong sense of pride throughout the entire school community. This is something that Headmaster Glen Matthews correctly noted is on display every day. When walking the halls, kindergarten through twelfth grade, can be seen proudly displaying their school colors- something which is quite unique to Williamsburg Academy and exemplifies their pride. 

Throughout the recent global pandemic the school has faced its fair share of challenges. Some of these have included, not knowing when or for how long the school would need to be closed. In fact, the staff and students all consider themselves to be very blessed to have the opportunity to physically return to school this year. The staff at Williamsburg Academy did not know that the school was going to have to close last school year until the Sunday before the closure was ordered. However, being the dedicated teachers that they are, they all came in on a Monday that was supposed to be a day off and came up with paper school work packets for the students to take home. 

As the closure continued, the staff had to retrain themselves to become virtual teachers and to adapt to the brand-new learning environment they found themselves thrown into. Though difficult, the teachers and staff have risen to the challenges of these strange times and gone above and beyond the call of duty. Williamsburg Academy has had to adapt to the new needs by spending much of the summer creating and implementing strict safety and cleanliness guidelines in order to be able to open their doors this year. Part of their strategy included adding a full-time nurse and custodian to their staff. With all of the challenges and changes this school year has had, the staff, students, parents and alumni are all moving ahead with optimistic hope and are looking forward to another successful fifty years, and growing.