A recent workshop revealed rental monies for county buildings unaccounted for. The subject was discussed at length during Williamsburg County Council’s May 20, workshop. Apparently, buildings are being rented but no one is made aware of the date or for what the occasion. And the collected fees, if any, aren’t being kept track of. Williamsburg County Supervisor Dr. Tiffany Wright said the only revenues they receive are from the Williamsburg County Recreation Center in Kingstree and the J.J. Mitcheom Center in Hemingway.

Wright found that many of the facilities being rented have no identifying contact and some leases had expired. In one instance, a facility in Trio was paying a fee but the county shows no such payment on the books. The county pays utilities, an appropriation and insurance on every building under the county’s control.

Councilman Jonathan Miller voiced his concern. “I know there’s a lot of things, or some things we need to look into and we find out we haven’t done anything,” said Miller who is in his second term. “We’re just looking in to, looking in to, looking in to. Nothing has been done and it just goes on for years...it looks like we just can’t make a decision on anything until we look into it.”

Eddie Woods agreed, saying the situation must get under control. He said there’s a building that has been rented for years and he had no idea who was renting it or where the revenues were going and when the recreation person was asked, they did not know either.  “To this day, we don’t know,” said Woods who said something must be done as soon as possible. “We need to make some decisions. We always talk about what we need to do...We talk about it but we never do.” Woods then asked his colleagues how to bring the problem to a resolve.

Councilman Terrance Williams spoke, saying the good thing is they have the information. “Once you have information you can make an informed decision.” Woods questioned that if in two months will they come back with a decision. “What I’m saying is after we got this information, and like Joe says, we get a lot of information, we never do anything. We talk about it but it’s wrong but we’ve got to do better. Councilman Sam Floyd ended the meeting by suggesting now that they have the information they owe it to their constituents to talk to those involved.