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Kingstree Town Council voted on a motion to suspend second reading of a tree protection ordinance on private property during their December 14, meeting. Citizens’ concerns backed the reason, as some considered the details in the document too restrictive and overreaching.

Kingstree Town Manager Richard Treme said he would rather discuss with council the possibility of forming a committee to further study the current ordinance at the next meeting in January. In the meantime, council is welcome to make suggestions to Treme. Council had previously discussed forming a committee comprised of two citizens from each district who would report their findings to council.

Many South Carolina municipalities have strict laws to protect certain species, the size of the tree and other significant markers. Some municipalities include all trees no matter the species.

Kingstree, which is the county seat, got its name (originally The King’s Tree) from the tall white pines that grew along the Black River. In 2014, the town adopted a public tree ordinance. The passage of the ordinance allowed for a means to submit applications for des-

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ignation as a Tree City. Over 3,400 communities are part of Tree City USA which says trees and green spaces directly correlate to greater connections to neighbors and can increase property values when properly placed.

In other business, Treme and council were presented a plaque, via phone call, from Williamsburg County Council and Supervisor Tiffany Wright on the successful completion of the new Fire/Police Department building. William Freeman spoke on behalf of County Councilman Sam Floyd.