Pig Pickin pic

There are over 250 places in South Carolina serving barbecue but from October 11 to October 13, the focus on perfectly prepared pork will be at the Kingstree/IGA Pig Pickin’ Festival. The festival will see a crowd of cookers vying for cash and trophies. Winners will be announced at noon Saturday, but it’s the festival-goers who really win as the copious quantities of “que” are sold at the end of the competition.

For the consumer, the love affair is dependent upon personal preference.  As the Barbeque Association puts it, what is sauce for one goose is not necessarily sauce for another gander. The lineup is broken down into Vinegar and Pepper, Mustard, Light Tomato and Heavy Tomato. Most southerners lean towards, vinegar or mustard sauce.

According to Barbeque Association President Lake E. High, Jr., the term barbecue is always properly reserved for pork. A brief history shows the Spanish first introduced the pig to the American Indians. The Indians, in turn, introduced the Spanish to the concept of true slow cooking with smoke. High says in that first fateful coming together, way back in the 1500s, the Spanish supplied the pig and the Indians showed them how to cook it. That is when authentic barbecue was first eaten.

 If you want to turn your love for BBQ into a gastronomic road trip, visit the South Carolina BBQ Trail Map at https://destination-bbq.com/sc-bbq-trail-map. The site contains links that cover the state’s most popular BBQ eateries and includes everything from a list of festivals and events to the full story on the “que.” No matter what your preference or where your travels take you, the Kingstree Pig Pickin’ Festival will be the go-to place this fall for a taste of the best.