Williamsburg County Supervisor Tiffany Wright is staying indoors after a family member tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Wright will remain at home for 14 days, per doctor’s orders. She said she is experiencing some chest congestion but no fever. “If it gets worse, I’ll call my doctor,” she said. The family member was diagnosed July 23, and her symptoms are not severe.

Wright said she will continue to work from home. The PSA building on Main Street is closed for several days to undergo sanitization. She said she wears a mask everywhere she goes which she believes does help in slowing the rate of infection. “Even in the office I have a mask on,” she said. “We have to practice that with our young people, making sure they don’t bring it home. That’s how we’re being infected in my opinion.”

As of July 26, the Department of Health and Environmental Control reports the total number of confirmed cases in the state at 80,856, with 343 probable cases, 1,436 confirmed deaths and 55 probable deaths. Williamsburg County has 760 positive cases, 3 probable and 18 confirmed deaths.