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Practice makes perfect. Jamey Williamson, a student at Williamsburg Academy and a competitor in shooting sports, recently signed a letter of intent with Warner University. Williamson qualified for the institution’s Clay Target scholarship.

Photo by Michaele Duke

It’s not very often that a student is awarded a target sport based scholarship to a university. Jamey Williamson, a student at Williamsburg Academy signed a letter of intent to Warner University. She qualified for the University’s Clay Target scholarship.

The Clay Target program includes a variety of shotgun disciplines, from skeet to Sporting Clays.

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Williamsburg Academy senior Jamey Williamson recently signed a letter of intent to Warner University. The Clay Target scholarship is the second awarded by the university. Among those attending were Spencer Jordan, Executive Director, South Carolina Independent School Association, Doug Elmore, Warner University Clay Target Coach, Williamsburg Academy Headmaster Glen Matthews, W.A. Coach Walter Fulton and Williamson’s parents Mark and Linda.       

Photo by Michaele Duke

Doug Elmore, Warner University, Clay Target Coach, interviewed the senior. “The students tell us about their school and we find out about their interests and see if they are a match for the university,” said Elmore who attended the signing ceremony. This is the second year the university has offered the scholarship. Elmore said the scholarship program is equivalent to any major sport.

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Warming up at the five-stand. Jamey Williamson travels to Backwoods Quail Club to practice her love of clay target shooting. She will attend Warner University on a Clay Target scholarship. 

Photo by Michaele Duke

Williamson has been competing since she was a seventh grade student at Laurence Manning. She joined Williamsburg Academy in her junior year and practices at Backwoods Quail Club in Rhems, but shotgun sports were not always her passion. According to her mother, Linda, one morning, a shotgun was resting on a golf cart and Jamey, who was 13 at the time, went up to it. “She looked at it - I don’t think she touched it - and she ran into the house crying,” she said.

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Photo by Michaele Duke

But her apprehension disappeared one afternoon when she was on the skeet range with her family. “I shot a clay and actually hit it and I became addicted,” she said. “When I hit the first one, I kept hitting them. It became just a natural thing.”

Shotgun / Shooting Sports is a separate and distinct event from Rife and is not an official sport of either the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA. The primary governing bodies for intercollegiate shooting are the Scholastic Clay Target Program and the Scholastic Action Shooting Program, which are operated by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation.

Williamson will major in animal science at Warner University located in Lake Wales, Florida. She plans to continue on to graduate school then return to Williamsburg County, where she sees herself working as a veterinarian. “I hope to do what Mr. Coker (Dr. Jimmy Coker) does,” she said. “I’m going to do like the big animals - cattle, horses, and sheep, and stuff like that.” She has plans to compete in the Junior U.S. Open, an annual championship held at Backwoods, which consists of divisions ranging from fifth grade and under to collegiate, but that could likely change. A tour of Warner University is that same weekend. “Either way, I’ll be happy with either one.”