Williamsburg County Sheriff's Office say they have received numerous calls from citizens who have received telephone calls from callers posing as Williamsburg County Sheriff's Deputies. According to a press release issued by the Sheriff's Office, the caller identifies himself as a specific WCSO deputy informing the individual that the call is about a legal matter.

Some citizens have received calls from the scammer stating that they need to send three thousand dollars or a bench warrant will be issued for their arrest. If you receive one of these calls or a voicemail to return the call, hang up. Williamsburg County Sheriff's Office will not demand money from you or contact you by phone about a warrant.

The Sheriff's Office says one message states, "Hello Mr. or Miss   , this is Lieutenant Daniel Moy with the Williamsburg County Sheriff's Department. If you will, please give our office a call back and at 843-352-8872. This call is in regards to some legal matters. Thank you, ma'am/sir, and have a great day."

According to the Sheriff's Office, reports like this are not new but is an ongoing telephone scam. The scammers have set up a voicemail using the Williamsburg County Sheriff's Office and the address for the sheriff's office for callers who return their message.

No one at the Sheriff's Office will not call you to advise that you are about to be arrested. They ask that you don't engage the caller but hang up.