Sabb pic

Senator Ronnie Sabb welcomes a crowd that gathered at the Kingstree Parks and Recreation Complex to celebrate his campaign kickoff.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Senator Ronnie Sabb kicked off his campaign with a house full at the Kingstree Parks and Recreation Complex. The former Representative won the District 32 seat in 2014 in a runoff election in the Democratic primary. He holds several committee assignments to include Judiciary, Labor, Commerce and Industry and Transportation.

Sabb had some heavy hitters by his side at the kickoff. Guests included Senator Vincent A. Sheheen (District 27), Senator Kevin Johnson (District 36), Representative Roger K. Kirby (District 61) and Representative Joseph H. Jefferson, Jr. (District 102).

Sheheen and Sabb share an office at the Statehouse. “He is as effective as anyone is in the South Carolina Senate or what party they belong to, because he’s respected,” said Sheheen. He said they led the effort in passing the Roads Bill, the largest infrastructure bill in the state’s history and boasted about Sabb’s successful effort to create four-year-old kindergarten and just as important, free technical college to qualifying students with the first pilot program launching at the Williamsburg Technical College. The program has since expanded to 16 counties.

Sabb told the crowd he is a better man because of his experiences, “only made possible because of you.” He said traveling the journey together was the reason he had the opportunity to be a part of shepherding the historic legislation and economic development. He would like to see Congress consider when giving tax breaks to companies (like Baxter who moved from Williamsburg County years ago) condition it to encourage the industry to relocate where they left.

Senator Kevin Johnson recalled a comment he repeatedly made during Sabb’s first campaign, “I said it over and over and over again. I said Ronnie Sabb did not need the South Carolina Senate. But the South Carolina Senate needed Ronnie Sabb,” said Johnson. “The South Carolina Senate continues to need Ronnie Sabb.”