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Students at Williamsburg Technical College will experience a simpler time when transferring credits to Webster University.

Webster University and the South Carolina Technical College System signed a partnership agreement designed to enhance the smooth transfer of students and graduates from the 16 technical colleges in South Carolina to Webster University. This agreement works to increase and encourage access to baccalaureate education for two-year college students, including minority and other underrepresented populations.

Across higher education, many see student success as the key to educational effectiveness. While student success as a concept seems deceptively simple, students encounter many obstacles along their academic journey. Accessibility, affordability, educational challenges, and life challenges are just a few on the list. Colleges and universities are continually working to reduce these barriers so that students complete their college degree in a timely and affordable manner.

This partnership between the SC Technical College System and Webster University provides a perfect example. Designed to smoothly transition students from any technical college in South Carolina to Webster University, this agreement allows students to easily and affordably achieve their educational ambitions.

According to the agreement, upon completing an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science degree at their local technical college, students can seamlessly transfer to Webster University who has six regionally accredited campuses across the state. Webster University will fully transfer up to 90 hours of completed courses. Students who have completed their AA, AS, or AAS at one of South Carolina’s technical colleges with a grade of “C” or better in each required course will enter Webster University with junior standing and will have completed the university’s general education requirements. All courses transferred will be applied toward attaining the baccalaureate degree appropriate to the student’s chosen major. Webster University will also provide a reduced tuition rate for graduates of South Carolina’s 16 technical colleges.

“We are excited to be collaborating with the SC Technical College System on this agreement,” said Dr. Beth Vivaldi, director of Webster University’s Myrtle Beach Campus. “Our four campuses are strategically located throughout the state, enhancing the ease of transfer between our institutions. Students can begin their educational journey at one of the 16 technical colleges across the state and then transfer seamlessly to Webster University, providing a clear path forward for individuals looking to get their bachelor’s degree. This partnership promotes affordability for students in these trying times.”

“This memorandum of understanding is a wonderful opportunity for our students,” said Dr. Tim Hardee, president of the SC Technical College System. “Accessibility, affordability, and relevance are key tenets of our System. This collaborative agreement works to strengthen those fundamental values by expanding access for our students to a baccalaureate education with a dynamic university that provides both geographical accessibility and scheduling flexibility to accommodate our students and ensure their educational success.”