Scotty Bruce Tyler, 37, of 3913 Penny Royal Road, Georgetown, plead guilty to Ill Treatment of Animals stemming from a June 4, incident where he cut the ears of a pit bull pup with household shears.

Tyler was sentenced to five years, with the first 366 days served in jail, and the remaining four years on probation. Conditions of his release include 40 hours of public service at an animal shelter.

In addition, Tyler cannot own or live with a dog.

Tyler was arrested after an investigation was initiated as a result of his posting photos of a pit bull with his ears cut off with scissors.

On June 8, officials with Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office, Williamsburg County Environmental Services, and Michelle Reid of Valiant Animal Rescue conducted a joint investigation.

The pit bull, named Brick, was recovered from a residence on Seaboard Road, Andrews.

Reid, an animal cruelty consultant and animal forensics expert, provided medical care for the injured dog. “Brick is still in protective custody due to the threats received earlier in the case,” said Reid.

Reid said Brick’s ears are now healed but as far as long-term issues, only time will tell. “As it stands now, he is still very head shy but that’s expected,” she said. “We are still dealing with an ongoing urinary tract infection and mounting medical expenses.”

Reid said she was pleased with the judgment. “I’m pleased with Bruce Tyler’s sentencing and I’d like to thank Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office and the judge for taking this case serious.”