Coalition-Wide Theme:  “Breaking Free from Domestic Violence”

Local Objectives:  To raise visibility, awareness, and resources while providing educational information to assist victims of domestic violence, volunteers and professionals working with the Coalition, and individuals who are striving to end their own use violence.

Ten Individual Actions You Can Take in October

1. Participate in Breaking Free 2020 Virtual and/or share updates and supportive messages on social media.

a. We would like to see each county get 10 individuals to participate in Breaking Free (We’re asking Florence to get at least 30 individuals.)

2. Hang a purple ribbon on your door.

3. Wear a purple ribbon or other DV-branded clothing and accessories.

4. Mention the month and/or your commitment to being part of the solution in your virtual meetings.

5. Use a Domestic Violence Awareness Month image as a backdrop during your virtual meetings.

6. Change your social media cover photo.

7. Educate yourself and tell a friend something about what you have learned.

8. Hang a poster in your office.

9. Talk to a survivor.

10. Tell your story.

11. Add a purple ribbon badge to something you wear! (masks, purse, shirt).

12. Watch documentaries on family violence (Private Violence, Dangerous Love).

13. Contact local lawmakers about victim’s rights and working toward better laws for victims.

14. Hold a donation drive for domestic safe shelters (like our Emergency Safe Shelter!).

15. Follow the #DVAM, #DVAM2020 and #BreakingFree hashtags and share content!

16. Volunteer for a project that benefits victims and survivors of family violence.

17. Tell members of your church or social clubs about the domestic violence statistics in your area

18. Create a Pinterest board focused around family violence.

19. Put a purple wreath on your door!

20. Put a purple ribbon bumper sticker on your car.