Williamsburg County School District is partnering with the Census Bureau to host a Williamsburg County Census launch, hosted by the United States Census Office.

The 2020 Census counts every person living in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories and it is crucial for everyone in Williamsburg County to be counted.

The census results determine how many seats in Congress each state gets and help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year.

“The census is important as far as accuracy as it relates to federal funds and applying for grants for the school district and any other funds we may be eligible for because of those numbers,” said Dr. Myron Davis, Williamsburg County School District Director of Professional Development Title II Coordinator. He’s been passing out flyers and is in hopes to see a good turnout. “I’m hoping for 100 to 200 people.” When you respond to the census, your answers are kept anonymous. They are used only to produce statistics.

The event will be held March 18, at 5 p.m. in the District Office Multipurpose Room at 500 North Academy Street in Kingstree.  Over the next decade, lawmakers, business owners, and many others will use 2020 Census data to make critical decisions. The results will show where communities need new schools, new clinics, new roads, and more services for families, older adults, and children.

Each school district will have the means to accommodate those needing assistance completing the 2020 Census process. For more information contact Davis at (843) 355-5571 ext. 6153