McKnight pic

Trell McKnight

CE Murray High School quarterback Trell McKnight has committed to Savannah State University. McKnight started playing the game of football when he was eight years old. Since he was young McKnight had dreamed of leading CE Murray.

“It was a dream come true, to be able to lead the team that you always wanted to be apart of and always seen when I was younger,” he said. “I didn’t want to let the family down so it was a great experience at CE Murray.”

McKnight found the confidence to commit to college football in his sophomore year but before that he said he never even thought about playing at the college level.

When asked what his plans are for the future Trell said, “The first thing is to make sure that I achieve my academic dream of cyber security and also get a degree in business. I also will strive to be the best athlete on the college level.” With confidence in his athletic abilities and strong academic goals this young athlete seems to be headed for the top.