Williamsburg County Republican Party Chairperson Ida Martin was recently elected National Delegate for the Sixth Congressional District. In light of the COVID-19 order, voting took place online as opposed to being held at the convention. In order to run as a National Delegate, a person must be a delegate in their local party at the county level. Martin was also a county delegate in 2011 and 2016.

A delegate is a person who attends the Democratic or Republican National Convention and votes for a candidate to become the party’s official nominee.

Martin will attend the convention in November where she will cast a vote for her state. Only three people (and three alternates) are chosen as delegates in the Sixth Congressional District.

South Carolina’s Sixth Congressional District is located in the central and southern portions of the state and includes Allendale, Bamberg, Calhoun, Clarendon, Hampton, Jasper, and Williamsburg counties. The district also includes areas of Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Florence, Orangeburg, Richland, and Sumter counties. Martin focuses on communication keeping the party informed. The party’s monthly meetings have included guest speakers such as Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant and Attorney General Alan Wilson. The topics run the gambit. “I keep them abreast of the republican party or anything of interest in our state which could be the new voting machines and also legislative things that are going through,” said Martin. “Right now, we have an education bill and the fetal heartbeat bill.”

Martin considers herself a compassionate conservative who wants only the best for her county and state. She even went as far to create a lighthearted video so that delegates would remember her. “Since we didn’t have formal touch this year, I had to think of something different to get these people to remember me and vote for me.”

Martin says she is a passionate conservative who doesn’t want to see the values and rights of the last generation eroded and wants good things for our area. “I want jobs to come to our area,” she said. “We seem to getting nothing in the Sixth (Congressional District).”  She looks forward to attending the national convention. “Last time we were met with protesters and a little anarchy,” said Martin. “This time we’re going to be met with COVID. I don’t know which is the worst.”


Chairman: Moye Graham

Vice Chairman: Lori Bell

Secretary: Chester Palmer

National Delegates:

Ida Martin - Williamsburg

Moye Graham - Clarendon

Alvin Portee - Richland

National Alternates:

Hilda Barnwell - Richland

Peggy Hirth - Calhoun

Lori Bell - Colleton