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On July 26, Lt. Governor Pamela Evette visited Embroidery Solutions and Valley Forge Flag Company. She was presented with a one-of-a-kind embroidered South Carolina flag. Pictured from left: Assistant Eileen Campbell, Designer Nelson Zelaya, Plant Manager Alain Marquez, Lt. Governor Evette, and managers Jose Velasquez, Chase Felkel, and Sparky Avant.

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Lt. Governor Pamela Evette spent the day touring Embroidery Solutions and Valley Forge Flag Company to see how together they manufacture and distribute the largest quantity of high quality American flags in the country. “South Carolina is blessed to have great companies right here at home,” said Evette who is the first female South Carolina Republican Lieutenant Governor. After the tour, Embroidery Solutions Plant Manager Alain Marquez presented Evette with a one-of-a-kind embroidered South Carolina flag. Other South Carolina State flags are screen-printed so the company decided to embroider the special gift for the Lt. Governor.

Embroidery Solutions owner Larry Severini said her timing couldn’t have been better. “We were quite proud to have the Lieutenant Governor take time out of her busy schedule to come see us,” said Severini. “The patriotism that’s represented in the American flag is something we should all take pride in - our company, our town, our county and our state.” Severini said he believes her visit was part and parcel to economic development. “Her visit was a real affirmation of what we’re doing here.”

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Lt. Governor Pamela Evette met employees at Embroidery Solutions and learned how the company works with Valley Forge Flag Company to manufacture and distribute the largest high quality of American flags in the country. Evette is president and CEO of Quality Business Solutions and Governor Henry McMaster’s running mate. 

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Embroidery Solutions Plant Manager Alain Marquez explains to Lt. Governor Pamela Evette the process of sewing the star fields for the American flag.

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S.C. House of Representative Cezar McKnight (D - Williamsburg) appreciated the Lt. Governor for taking time to visit local industry as she and Governor Henry McMaster travel across the state to listen to businesses and industry owners. “I think it’s very good of her to come and meet the small business owners because the bulk of our business, believe it or not, is small business,” said McKnight. “They want to know what things (the business owners) need and what they can do to get more people in the game as far as manufacturing and creating businesses.”

South Carolina Department of Commerce Regional Workforce Advisor Eileen Patonay also attended the event. “What a great day in Williamsburg County. Our local workforce is manufacturing quality American flags with pride,” she said. “It was exciting Lt. Governor Pamela Evette took time to tour Embroidery Solutions and Valley Forge to learn about the process and meet employees.”

Embroidery Solutions located at 239 Commerce Drive creates the star fields for the American flag. Valley Forge Flag Company located in Kingstree and Lane uses the product to produce the flags and banners. In 1969, Neil Armstrong and module pilot, Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr. placed the first American flag on the moon. The flag was manufactured by Valley Forge and the flags continue to travel on many space shuttle missions.