Andy McKnight pic

On December 7, Andy McKnight was recognized by his colleagues via a video tribute at his last appearance as a Williamsburg County Councilman. McKnight is the longest serving councilman in the state.

Photo by Michaele Duke

McKnight reflects on 40 years of service

Andy McKnight has seen a lot during his 40 years as a member of Williamsburg County Council. His bid for another term ended in November but his memories will last forever. McKnight said goodbye to his colleagues during a December 7, council meeting. He takes with him the distinction of being the longest serving council member in the state.

In a tribute to his 40 years of service, the governmental departments, friends and associates contributed to a heartwarming 12-minute video that was broadcast during council’s meeting. He received a plaque afterward.

McKnight thanked the citizens and particularly those in his district for what they had done and gave God the glory for allowing him to be able to serve them. “I’ll still be a citizen of this county and I’ll still be a friend,” he said.

During his long tenure, McKnight took part in bringing infrastructure to the county such as rural fire, rural water/sewer and along with Co-Councilman Booker T. Pressley, was behind the establishment of Williamsburg County Transit; accomplishments from a man that had to be encouraged to run for office.

His long tenure was launched while he was searching for a candidate to run for a council seat in his district. McKnight describes a voice inside told him to run as he was sitting in his car. He spoke to leaders in the community who encouraged him to follow his instincts and the rest is history.

McKnight said he tried to do the best he could and has no regrets. “We’ve had a lot of challenging things that came up, the landfill was one,” he said “I think that even some people want it, I think it was one of the best things that didn’t happen here. Because in years to come, you’ll still have a beautiful place here.” And as Williamsburg County Finance Director Liz Nelson said in her video tribute, “That council seat will not be the same without you.”