Jr. U.S. Open

Jr. U.S. Open

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The South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation offers young people an opportunity to learn and grow in sporting clays.  These young people are on teams of three to four and are coached by an adult.  Each day of an event consists of 100 clay targets per shooter and the goal is to shoot as many as possible.  These events, however, are not as simple as shooting skeet in the backyard and require the shooter to have good eye hand coordination, timing, concentration, and mental resilience.  Every station is different and once the shooter steps in the box, only his or her teammates can talk to or coach them.  The adult coach is only there to serve as a safety officer and to assist when a firearm malfunctions.

On June 12, 13, and 14, Backwoods Quail Club hosted the Jr. US Open.  Teams from across the United States came to compete in the three-day tournament.  

Several local shooting clubs participated in the event including Featherhorn Young Guns and the Cedar Swamp Clay Swatters.  

Over the course of the three-day tournament, the young shooters were challenged to shoot a wide variety of sporting clay targets.  There were targets that bounced off of a trampoline, rolled through half a tire and back out, and some that bounced off the water.  Each day there was a prize station where shooters were asked to up their game by shooting two targets with one shot or by running the station.  

This year, Billy Godwin won every prize station including a station with two “rabbits” that had to be shot with one shot.

Aidan Stuckey won two of the three prize stations including a station where the shooter had to shoot all six targets to win.  

Carmela Jacobs, Lizzie Ardis, and Wesleigh Paquin of Featherhorn Young Guns won the Intermediate Ladies Division with a main even total of 454.  

Aidan Stuckey, Billy Godwin, and Rivers Sutton of Cedar Swamp Clay Swatters came in 17th of 37 teams in the Intermediate Division with a main even score of 457.