Sam Drucker pic

Sam Drucker hangs eye-catching balloons in front of his new pharmacy on North Williamsburg County Highway in Kingstree. Drucker opened Black River Pharmacy in December.

Photo by Michaele Duke

In 1938 Sam Drucker’s grandfather Charlie opened Drucker Drugs on Main Street in Kingstree. When Sam’s father Jerry took over the business Sam was hired as a delivery boy. He would go on to cover everything from cashier to manager so it was fitting he would take over the business.

After graduating from Clemson in 1983 with a degree in pharmacology, he returned home to work for his dad until his dad’s retirement. Sam sold the business in 2013 and opened a pharmacy in Hartsville then went into semi-retirement while substituting at various pharmacies, including the Federal Correctional facility in Salters. But his desire to come home was never far from his mind. “I saw the opportunity to come back to Kingstree and work in my own pharmacy again,” he said.

Sam opened Black River Pharmacy at 32A North Williamsburg County Highway in Kingstree and celebrated with a December 20, ribbon cutting. The unique sign crafted of metal and wood and hand painted by his wife, Mandy, catches your attention. Sam said it’s supposed to look a little rustic, like the weathered counter both of which Mandy designed. “I wanted to put a fishing boat in here, maybe with a line hanging down, but this is a small place,” he said laughing.

The name may have changed but Sam has not. “I look forward to reconnecting with the people I’ve known for so long,” he said. “We’re trying to have a friendly, relaxed pharmacy where people can come and get treated like they’re supposed to.”