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More than a few heavyweights showed up for a celebration of USDA grants for the Town of Lane. Included in the photo are representatives from Congressman Clyburn’s, Office Senator Ronnie Sabb, House of Representative Cezar McKnight, and USDA State Director Debbie Turbeville.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Over 150 residents in the city of Lane are welcoming a basic need. Mayor Charlie Fulton was flanked by some heavyweights as they celebrated an award totaling over $7 million in USDA Rural Development grants and loans, most of which will go toward sewer service for a remainder of customers in Lane.

USDA State Director Debbie Turbeville made the announcement June 13, to a large group inside the former Oneita building which now houses City Hall.

Other community facility projects are an extension of the town’s water main to provide water serve to Heineman Road and the purchase of a new police car and associated equipment for the police department. The projects are just a small part of the support the USDA has brought to the county. “We are always happy with the work we do in Williamsburg County and we have done a lot of work in Williamsburg County and we are proud of that,” said Turbeville.

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USDA State Director Debbie Turbeville was one of several speakers during a Town of Lane announcement of grants awards and loans that will benefit the town and it's citizens. Lane Mayor Charlie Fulton credited the success of the funding to everyone involved.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Senator Ronnie Sabb thanked everyone to include Mayor Fulton, the USDA and Congressman Clyburn’s office for making it possible. “Lane is an on the move community,” he said. “There is a progressive thought process here like I’ve never seen before.”

Representative Cezar McKnight spoke about the USDA and their important role in rural America. “They provide the infrastructure for the modernization of this country,” said McKnight. “Because without the United States Department of Agriculture, you’d have big lights and great things in New York City and municipal areas - we’d be in the dark, literally, in the rural areas.”

None of the projects would be possible if it weren’t for the tenacious attitude of Lane Mayor Charlie Fulton. But he didn’t take credit, pointing to everyone who helped him bringing the projects to fruition and to those who would be most impacted by the funding. “As you all know, half the town has sewer now, and the other doesn’t. And the other half feel exceptional,” said Fulton with a grin. “But we’re all family now.” The crowd laughed with him.

 Mayor Fulton also let it be known that they are in negations to locate an industry in the town. “We are on our way. This is not the last time the USDA, the Department of Commerce, Senator Sabb and McKnight, Congressman Clyburn, Dr. Wright and county council will be hearing from me.”