Dr. Donna Huger

Dr. Donna Huger, whose parents live in Lane, speaks during a book signing at the Williamsburg County Library in Kingstree in April. That event was sponsored with the help of the Kingstree-Lake City, and Richland County alumnae chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Dr. Huger will again be signing copies of her book Sagacious Doves in Lane this month.

Photo by Dianne Poston Owens

Dr. Donna B. Huger, a C.E. Murray High School graduate, will be at the Lane Stag Festival September 20 and 21, and will be signing books each day.

Huger, who conducted a book signing earlier this year in Kingstree for her book Sagacious Doves, said the book is $15 and for each book sold, she is contributing $5 to a scholarship fund for a student from Lane.

“I started this promotion in July, the month of my birthday,” Huger said. “I will continue until March 30, 2020. That is when I will determine the amount of the scholarship(s) and recipient(s).”

Every person purchasing the book will be listed on Huger’s website at https://drdonnabhuger.com/scholarship-birthday-contributors-july-2019. Other book signing events are listed on Huger’s website.

On June 14, the Mayor of Lane, Charlie Fulton, announced the town would be naming its future library branch, the Dr. Donna B. Huger Library, Huger said. “My goal is to continue to contribute to the community that has given so much to me.”

Huger is hoping to launch her youth-coaching business, “Sagacious Youth Coaching, LLC,” this coming October. Information about that group can be found on her website as well.

“Though it is a for-profit business,” Huger said, adding, “I will, each year, provide service free to one young adult (ages 14-24) from the town of Lane.”

Sagacious Doves is part inspiration, part memoir and part guide to successful living, Huger said. She wrote the book, she said, her first non-academic published work since her dissertation, to encourage people to find the purpose and passion and to help encourage them to follow their dream to success.

“Sagacious Doves: A Guide to Graciously Inventing and Realizing Life Sagaciously,” was published in August 2018.

Huger is a professional school counselor and counselor educator. She lives in Irmo, with her husband Darryl, who is from Charleston. She said she visits Lane, and her parents about everyone other month or so and that Williamsburg County is rarely far from her heart and mind.