Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

A book signing for Kingstree native Nancy Johnson will be hosted at BCF Reception Hall, 1968 Thurgood Marshal Highway, from 3-5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 10. The theme, Johnson said, is “Dip, Sip n Sign.”

“The Million Dollar Producer: My Journey from the Cotton Field to the Capital,” is available online.

“This book has been on my bucket list for several years,” Johnson said, adding, “I just had to birth it!”

Born in Kingstree, Johnson and her family moved to Florida and returned home in 1966 to attend Tomlinson High School.

“This book was appropriately titled,” she said, “because I lived on a dirt road called Sandridge and our house sat in the middle of a cotton field.”

Johnson said her family had “humble beginnings” and the community was filled with love. She said she is grateful for her time in Williamsburg County.

A top producing realtor and wealth management consultant, Johnson said the book is in short stories, and offers an “easy but exciting, intriguing, empowering and impactful” read.

When asked who needs to read her book, Johnson replied that the book is for anyone who is from Kingstree, as it will take them down memory lane.

It is also for anyone who has had every reason in the world to be labeled a “Nobody,” or been told they were “destined to fail.”

Johnson said her book is for all ages and especially for small town, grass root people who see the glass as half full.

“My journey ain’t been easy, Johnson said, “but it is well worth it and this book is a true testimony of how God honors and blesses hard work, a positive attitude and a “Never Give Up


The book recounts Johnson’s journey of going from making $3 a day in the cotton field to her “selling real estate averaging more than $3,000 a transaction.”

Johnson said she will have 100 copies of her book on hand. The book is $19.95.

She is called a “Million-Dollar Real Estate Producer,” and has built a thriving real estate business in Columbia.

According to her website and promotional material about the book, Johnson has achieved hundreds of accolades as a real estate agent and investor. She was the longest-ranking top producer in individual and team production at Coldwell Banker, and in the southern region.

She was also the first African-American woman to reach the Columbia Board of Realtors’ Four-Million Dollar Club in a single year.

Johnson also teaches how to build wealth through real estate. Her offerings are on her website, at

Johnson said her best memory of Kingstree is that of “Tomlinson High School days, the football games, the excellent marching band, and the Saturday afternoon social gatherings downtown.” “We’d walk the three or four streets, socializing more than buying because money was tight. The stores, the people, the town of Kingstree, are forever locked into my memory.”