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The historical district of Kingstree continues to experience enhancements such as hanging flower baskets, benches and other decor lining its streets. The Town of Kingstree also offers matching funds up to $2,500 by way of grant for business owners who invest in renovations to their property.  

Photo by Michaele Duke

Kingstree Town Council heard an update on the town’s Main Street project. Council approved first reading on an ordinance authorizing one or more contracts with Main Street, South Carolina, Community Design Solutions, Inc. and others for services relating to the downtown revitalization efforts after hearing from Kingstree Town Manager Richard Treme. Treme said this has to do with the branding of Kingstree.

Treme said this is an exclusive service and believes not all municipalities have gone this route. He said the different groups would reach out to residents to gain their perspective on what the town should be known as. Treme said funding has been appropriated.

In other business, the town continues to see enhancements such as flower baskets, benches, and other decor lining its streets. Treme said anyone interested in ordering a bench that comes with a nameplate can contact the town. He said citizens have been asked about adding hanging baskets farther down Main Street. He said they can’t use the poles that are owned by a company but they did clean up the area. Councilwoman Monica Murdaugh suggested they consider other ideas, such as installing huge planters to beautify the area. Treme agreed and said he’d bring it up to the Design Committee.   

Each year the town is awarded a $10,000 facade grant.  The funds are used to match per a business owner’s renovation (up to $2,500). Treme said people are taking advantage of the resources but many are spending much more on their property. “The property owners are spending $15,000 plus,” said Treme. “They are putting money in their own business just to revitalize their downtown.” So far the town has spent $9,750 of the grant.

Treme said they have been meeting with the engineering firm that will oversee the construction of the Police and Fire Departments building. He said as they get closer to the build, there will be a presentation and update in front of council and the public. “We’re certainly

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 excited about it and we’ve been talking about it for years,” said Treme. “Hopefully it’s coming to a head.”

During council’s comments, the trash company was brought up. The town has been receiving complaints about trash not being picked up. Treme said the company involved was the only bidder. He asked council for suggestions. “Let me know what you want to do,” he said. “We can call them back down here and address the problem.” He added that all complaints are filed.