George Jones pic

George Jones, President of Studio 21 Media, now based in Hemingway, sits in his recording studio in his Broad Street business.

Photo by Dianne Poston Owens

With computers, cameras and speakers, George Jones and his Studio 21 Media, through his, will take your business message to the world.

About six months ago, Jones said, he relocated his business from Atlanta to Hemingway. On Broadway Street he has opened his Internet radio studio in office space with a reception area, office, break room, studio and editing bay.

Jones said back in 2002, when broadcasting on public access channels was still done through audio taping and replay of VHS tapes, he got his start as an intern in Atlanta. The director of programming told him then, he said, that the Internet was going to be the way to get messages out to people, and to see about getting his own channel. He did that and his Studio 21 Media company was formed.

Recently, Jones posted this note on Facebook, letting people in the area know he is here and open for business:  ... know of someone who deserves to be recognized in the community? ... know of a small business that should be recognized for its good deeds and services? If so I want to extend this invitation out to you to come be a guest on our new worldwide talk show called: community business spotlight ...

Jones is offering a 20-20-20 deal in 2020, he said, with 20 minutes of live discussion about the business, 20 weeks of exposure on the Internet, at $20. For now, though, the $20 is waived and the service is free.

A live broadcast can be done from the studios of Studio 21 Media, broadcasting from the 206 E. Broad Street address, or he can film on site.

As the Internet progressed and changed, Jones said, his business did as well. At first there were only audio recordings, he said. Now there is video as well.

The WAENTV site offers several channels of viewing, including a cartoon channel, church channel, business channel and old school music channel. His first channel was a Hip Hop channel, he said. With 183 channels in his network, there is something for nearly everyone. He hopes soon to offer a country western radio show based locally, and several area churches will be rebroadcasting their Sunday services, offering video of services, he said. Studio 21 Media is an entertainment company working through the Internet like a digital television and radio station. Coming later this year, Jones said, the company will be offering a box, much like a cable service, to stream his channels through smart TVs.

About 5.75 million people have accessed his channels over time. In Atlanta, he said, it was not unusual for 60-75,000 people to connect with one of his live broadcasts.

And if anyone misses a live broadcast, can easily catch them on replay. His videos are archived and available through his YouTube channel.

For more information about his business, contact Jones at 843-933-4028 or email him at