Heller House Inn

The Williamsburg HomeTown Chamber presented the Image Award for April to the Heller House Inn, home of Pam and Darren Tisdale who in 2010  purchased the home from the Arnettes. The house, built in 1845, is on the National Registry of Historic places and is named after the owners, Mr. and Mrs. M.F. Heller who bought the property in 1890. The house has pressed tin ceilings and gas overhead lighting and maintains four of the original fixtures.  It was also the first home to have overhead lighting in Kingstree.  In 1910, the Baptist Church was replacing its original wooden sanctuary.  It is said, that Mr. Heller instructed the builders to bring the sanctuary across the street where he had it attached as a dining room, and it still serves as a formal dining room today. After retiring from the family trucking business, Pam opened the bed and breakfast in 2017 not only as a place for lodging, but a place for guests to feel at home and where they can rest and find peace. The beautifully decorated inn includes a reading room, sitting room, front porch, multiple guest rooms and is within walking distance to Main Street.

Pam said she and Darren have met many wonderful people and one of her favorite stories is of a woman who came to Kingstree and stayed in the inn because her mother had been raised in the area and wanted to come back one last time before she died. The mother died before returning to Kingstree, so the daughter came in memory of her mom. The daughter met with Wendell at the Museum to gather family history and to visit family graves. During the visit to the inn, the daughter commented to Pam about the beautiful Blue willow China in the house.  Some weeks later, Pam received a gift of the mother’s Blue Willow China with a note from the daughter explaining that since her mother did not have the opportunity to return to the area, she thought it would be fitting for her mother’s china to have a home in Kingstree.

The Heller House Inn is located at 405 N. Academy Street in Kingstree. Reservations can be made by calling (843) 355-6198.