IGA customer app sale

IGA owner James Thompkins greeted hundreds of happy shoppers during his Customer Appreciation Sale on Wednesday, October 9.

Photo By Michaele Duke

IGA owner and manager James Thompkins believes in thanking his customers. What better way to show his appreciation than by offering a shopping spree of sorts?

Thompkins hosted his third annual Customer Appreciation Sale, October 9, which coincides with the grand opening of the store 13 years ago. He runs items that are used every day and every week. “Usually its at cost or below cost,” said Thompkins. “We’re giving them back something because the community supports us. Without the community we wouldn’t be anybody so we try to give back as much as we can.”

In 2016, Thompkins invested in the store by adding a deli and widened the lanes, which paid off as the store was packed with customers from 7 a.m. to closing. For example, Thompkins estimates customers purchased 1,200, 20-pound boxes of chicken leg quarters.

Thompkins is looking forward to next year. “It’s like anything you do. When you first start there’s the unknowns. You plan it and you hope it goes well,” he said. “We’ve been really blessed.”