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Dozens of children received a new pair of athletic shoes just before Christmas. The shoes were donated by Fleet Feet in Summerville and Representative Cezar McKnight.  

Photo by Michaele Duke

There’s nothing better than a brand new pair of sneakers. A group of youngsters were treated to a kaleidoscope of colorful kicks during a special afternoon of fun and games.

The shoes were made possible through a generous donation by Fleet Feet based in Summerville.

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Over 70 pairs of shoes are being loaded up for transport to a field behind the Kingstree Housing Development office, where dozens of children wait to try them on.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Kingstree Housing Development (KHD) Executive Director Debra Williams also oversees Kingstree Community Enrichment, where the activities took place. Kingstree Community Enrichment has been active since 2018. Its mission is to assist in helping the community become self-sufficient and teach the children life skills. The kids enjoy an afterschool program that keeps them active through physical fitness programs but some aren’t always prepared for the rigors of the program.

In order to correct that Williams reached out to Fleet Feet for help. “The kids would show up wearing Crocs and flipflops because they didn’t have any athletic shoes,” she said. She explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt local families, many of who have lost their job so the generosity of the company couldn’t have been timed any better.  Fleet Feet sent 70 pairs of shoes to fit kids age 5 to 17.  Some sizes weren’t available but Williams said that problem was solved by a local resident. “Our state Representative, Cezar McKnight filled in and got the rest of the shoes for us,” she said. “It’s been a blessing.” The participating children also enjoyed activities, games and lunch. “We just wanted to show our appreciation to the kids for being a part of the program.”