Veteran’s Memorial PIC

Veteran’s Memorial rendering provided

Flag Day is celebrated on June 14, to honor the United States flag and to commemorate the flag’s adoption. In Greeleyville, the town comes together to celebrate it, along with Memorial Day with a parade, bands and games. But last year was different.

Greeleyville Town Councilman Randy Landreth was mulling around the car show when a gentleman asked him a question. The man wanted to know why the town didn’t have a memorial service that morning since the festival was held during Memorial Day weekend. “I got to thinking about it. I grew up in Greeleyville and I don’t ever remember having one,” said Landreth. He decided to approach his fellow councilmembers and Mayor Jesse Parker with a proposal to erect a monument in honor of fallen veterans. It was unanimous and veterans have been a part of the process.

Parker said though he doesn’t have a direct military connection he jumped on the idea. “I’ve never been in the military and I’m not from a military family but I admire the work the military folks have done and are doing for us,” said Parker. He said the festival has been put on for nearly 40 years and it is over due. “We’ve never had anything to really address the reason for the weekend in all these years. When Randy came up with the idea I just jumped all over it.”

The idea also garnered support from Senator Ronnie Sabb  who is a native of Greeleyville.

The monument will be in a center of a circle created by engraved bricks. The brick pavers can be purchased and engraved with the donor’s choosing. Bricks with veteran’s names will surround the headstone while other engraved bricks will create a pathway to the headstone.

The monument will stand in front of Greeleyville Town Hall between the flagpole and an artesian well. An unveiling ceremony will be held at 11 a.m. the Saturday before Memorial Day in conjunction with a ribbon cutting for an open air pavilion scheduled for construction behind Town Hall. For more information call Landreth at (803) 840-0620.