Joe Lee pic

Joe Lee

Long-time Hemingway Town Administrator Joe Lee resigned his full-time position at a called meeting, following an executive session on Tuesday, Nov. 17. A second called meeting of the Hemingway Town Council is set for Monday, Nov. 26, at 6 p.m. The meeting will be at 110 S. Main Street.

Lee also serves citizens as a Williamsburg County Council member and served as a former Williamsburg County School Board member. Lee did not return phone calls on Nov. 19, the deadline for this story, to confirm his resignation.

Town Clerk Samantha Lewis was out of the office Nov. 17 and attempts to hear the recording of the meeting were unsuccessful. Each of the agendas for the two called meetings said personnel was to be discussed in the executive session.

Hemingway Mayor John Michael Collins confirmed Lee’s resignation, as the council accepted his resignation in an open session following the closed-door meeting.

It is unclear what “next steps” the council will make in replacing Lee. Collins said Lee’s resignation is for the end of December, first of January.

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