The head of Williamsburg County Economic Development Board was terminated May 13, according to W.C. Supervisor Dr. Tiffany Wright. Executive Director Jim Moore and his assistant were released early Monday morning. Wright did not release any information citing it was a personnel issue. “I can’t disclose personnel issues with you,” said Wright in a telephone interview.

Wright said any time she has to make a termination it is based on the fact the county is moving in a different direction. “They may not be into that,” she said. “I can’t get into the particulars of what happen, obviously for personnel issues all I can say is yes, they were terminated today but I always do my homework in making sure that every decision is guided by a purpose.”

South Carolina is an at-will state and contracts can be terminated at any time. Wright said Moore has an opportunity to file for appeal. She said the process can take approximately three weeks. In the meantime, Wright will serve as interim director. Before being hired with the county in 2015, Moore served with NESA for six years, and in 2014 Moore was named as the President and CEO of the Myrtle Beach Regional Development Corporation. At time of press, he could not be reached for comment.