Fentanyl has been making headlines recently, this is because the incredibly potent chemical has been contributing to the increase in overdose deaths across America. Most people however do not know much about the chemical.

For instance many don’t know that one of the things that makes Fentanyl so dangerous is the fact that it can be absorbed into the system through skin contact. Meaning getting it on your skin could cause a potentially fatal overdose. To learn more about Fentanyl visit: https://www.narcononnewliferetreat.org/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-fentanyl.html

Vaping has become almost more common today then cigarettes. Originally marketed as being more safe than other tobacco products recent events have made it clear that this is not the full story. One study found that those who vape the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes a day had a 70% higher risk of stroke. This is only one of the health risks that can arise from vaping.  For more information visit: https://www.narcononnewliferetreat.org/blog/vaping-linked-to-serious-health-problems.html

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