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On June 29, Acceptance of Excellence Foundation held its first youth football camp at the Kingstree Senior High School. Kingstree native Aaron Epps, founder of Acceptance of Excellence partnered with the school’s Athletics Head Coach and the Community Club of Kingstree to engage the youth in the community in a knowledgeable fun filled day.

Approximately 50 youth from the community and surrounding areas came out where all University of Louisville Alumni and current and former NFL players Aaron Epps, Deangelo Brown, Jermaine Reve, Ryan Mack & Senorise Perry shared with them the fundamentals of football, ran drills, and their experience and careers. 

Youth ages six to 13 along with the players from the KSH Football program engaged in multiple team building exercises and competitive drills, all around fun and an introduction to the world of football for several young men who had eye opening experiences with peers and an amazing understanding of football for the first time.

The U of L alumni shared their many different career paths, histories, struggles and the roads they traveled for their success stories giving all the youth motivation and courage to push for what they want and believe in no matter what.

The Community Club of Kingstree provided lunch and ensured these young men were hydrated properly for the entire day.