Tymoshio Robinson pic

Tymoshio Robinson

The Felician Center recently awarded the first BDGP Scholarship award of $500 to Tymoshio Robinson. Robinson, son of Kawanna Robinson, is a 2017 graduate of Kingstree Senior High School. Tymoshio lived with his dedicated grandmother, Mamie Robinson. He has two brothers and one sister living in Kingstree. He presently is a senior at Francis Marion University where he majors in political science and serves as the President of the FMU student body. He hopes to pursue a Masters and study law after graduation.

Tymoshia participated in the Felician Center after-school program in 2011 and 2012. His dear grandmother drove him and picked him up faithfully to the safe place of fun and learning of his childhood. Noted for his winning smile, Tymoshio, thrust himself wholeheartedly into all of the activities.

In his own words . . .

Growing up, raised by my grandmother, I was, thankfully, bare to her teachings and wisdom, but I was also exposed early on to spirituality and Jesus Christ. Pairing those teachings and that exposure to the care, love, and teachings I received from the sisters at the Catholic Center has really aided me in my journey to university and the successful career I’ve had so far as a student at Francis Marion University.

The sisters, Susanne and Johnna, really pushed me to do my best in all of my dreams and endeavors. Attending the Catholic Center also exposed me to the beauty in community service and giving to others. I could go on and on about the wonderful things I picked up from attending the Catholic Center. All in all, they taught and showed me that with the Love of Christ, a determined attitude, and with an unwavered tenacity, absolutely anything is possible. Now a senior and Student Body President at Francis Marion University, I am more than grateful for everything the sisters and the Catholic Center offered me. I wouldn’t be where I am without their love and teachings. 

Tymoshio “Ty” M. Robinson