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Although school is out, the children and their parents/guardians from the Learning Center returned for a first day of summer event.  Masked and socially distancing, the event started outside and moved into the Learning and Arts Center.  Sister Susanne designed mini-interactivities indoors and outdoors for everyone to try.  

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At the first stop, the children read aloud a poem about the sun.  With specially treated paper, Kat Tisdale instructed them to lay out a design with small items, then place it in the sun to create an imprint created from solar energy.

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Next, family by family moved indoors to a station to utilize magnifying glasses to discover pictures of small bugs and insects.  The next station was putting together a colorful puzzle of God’s creation with butterflies, bees, grasshoppers and caterpillars.

Summertime means playing outdoors and the next station had the family enjoy a game of corn hole.  Here is where you could hear them laugh out loud at the hits and misses.

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A benefactor recently donated two bikes and so at the next station, Marion Fulton, volunteer, had each child write their name down on a free raffle ticket.  The very happy winners were called after the event that afternoon.  From there, the families were greeted by Sister Carol who presented them with their summer bag of items to take home.  There was a book to read, a puzzle, and some cards to play.  There was a sun visor and water blaster, water balloons and sidewalk chalk to enjoy.

At the end, Gladys Laurie, board member, had them read another poem out loud about ice cream, a favorite summertime treat.  And of course, each child picked an ice cream treat to eat.  Each child also received a 2ft. X 3 ft. poster titled my “Summer Bucket List.”  On it the children received instructions to fill in their answers eg.  what do you want to read?, what do you want learn?, what would you like to do?  They are asked to take it home, complete it and color it.  Next week they can return with it to show ‘n tell and receive a $10 gift card to Pizza Hut.

And last but not least, when each one departed, they went through the very pretty bubble arch created by Sister Johnna’s bubble machine.  It was all very simple but it was a “perfect joy.”

Blessed are you summer, you call us into playfulness, encouraging us to pause from our work to renew our spirits.  Pray with us that children everywhere may be safe this summer, may have food on their table, adequate housing and joy in their hearts.