King's golden key pic

The News invites everyone to put their scavenger hunting skills to the test and take part in our King's Quest Scavenger Hunt, proudly presented by FTC. Collect all the clues in order to solve a sentence, then search for the golden key. The first person to return the key along with the clues and correct sentence to The News will be rewarded with a $250 gift card. Happy Hunting!

King’s Quest scavenger hunt created to promote shopping local!

The News is excited to announce its upcoming King’s Quest scavenger hunt in an effort to encourage residents to shop local. Presented by FTC, the idea of the quest spawned from the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdown of our annual festivals and other events that play an intricate role in Williamsburg County’s economy.

Williamsburg HomeTown Chamber Director Martha Burrows sees The News’ effort as a positive way to support local businesses throughout the county. “Increasing the foot traffic in a store is crucial for sales generation because stats show that brick and mortar conversion rates for a shopper to become a buyer are between 15 and 30 percent,” said Burrows who, along with the Chamber Board had to make the tough decision to cancel the annual King’s Tree Trials. “With the cancellation of some of our biggest tourism attractions in the county it is important that we find alternative solutions for generating sales at our local shops. It is my hope that the King’s Quest will drive sales and produce return customers for the holiday season.”

The consequence of the pandemic reaches every community within the county. Since 2006, the Town of Lane hosts its annual Stag Festival in September. Last year the festival was at its height, drawing nearly 5,000 attendants to the three-day event. The decision to pass this year was difficult. “Even up until the day before the Stag Festival, people were calling wanting to know if we were going to have it,” said Lane Mayor Charlie Fulton. “This year, because of the Coronavirus, it has put a strain on the financials for the town because we were looking forward to some revenue coming in from the festival.”

Kingstree’s annual Pig Pickin’ Festival is always scheduled for October and draws thousands of attendants. “This is a great idea,” said Kingstree Town Manager Richard Treme. “The fact is that we are a small community and it’s important that we come together and be as one.” Unfortunately, Treme doesn’t see anything happening in the near future that’s going to change the situation we’re currently living through so the idea of getting people in the stores through a game is smart. “We support anything that, number one, helps our businesses and helps our community come together.”

The News Publisher Tami Rodgers came up with the idea several years ago and was successful. “The idea for the King’s Quest is aimed at increasing foot traffic and encouraging people to spend local,” she said. The game involves citizens visiting businesses that has sponsored a “clue.” The clue will be laying somewhere in the business and once the total number is gathered, they create a sentence that directs them to the King’s key. A gift card will be presented to the first person to find the key. “This is a way for citizens to patronize our local businesses and spend that money,” said Rodgers. “We plan on doing it twice during October.”