Nobel citizens have been summoned by the King to join him in a royal quest to find the golden key that has been stolen from his chambers by ruthless scavengers, and hidden somewhere in the land of Williamsburg.

Put your scavenger hunting skills to the test and enjoy a fun and whimsically entertaining quest that could possibly earn you a $350.00 reward, all while supporting shopping local.

The second and final round of The News' King's Quest Scavenger Hunt begins Wednesday, October 21. You must collect all the clue cards that have been set out at participating businesses then decipher a sentence from the clue cards that leads you to the King's hidden golden key. Participants are encouraged to shop around and enjoy the local treasures of what they have to offer, while retrieving the clues. The first person to return the key, along with all 18 clue cards and the correct sentence, will collect a $350.00 reward.

King's golden key pic

The King's golden key has been stolen and must be returned. The most Nobel citizen who returns the key along with all the clues, will be greatly rewarded.

During the first King’s Quest scavenger hunt that lasted from October 7-16, the King’s golden key was resting on top of the ‘Welcome to Hemingway’ sign on Hwy. 271. Although many searched, no one found the key, making the upcoming scavenger hunt's bounty even larger.

Town of Hemingway Sign pic

Charted in the early 1900s, the golden jewel you seek is resting upon its very own name. This was the complete sentence from the King's Quest Scavenger Hunt that participants had to decipher during the first quest. The key could be found resting on top of the 'Welcome to Hemingway' sign. Although no one found the key during the first quest that ended on October 16, a new quest begins October 21, with a $350 reward up for grabs.

Photo by Tami Rodgers

During the second and final quest, the key will be re-hidden. Be sure to pick up a copy of The News' October 21st edition to check out all the details, rules and regulations on how you can participate in their King’s Quest Scavenger Hunt, created to promote and support shopping local.