Dartha Davis pic

Dartha Davis is greeted by family in a not so traditional manner. On March 13, Carlyle Senior Care of Kingstree halted visitation amid the COVID pandemic so families of clients are finding other ways to spend time with their loved ones.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Dartha Davis is a new resident of Carlyle Senior Care in Kingstree. The 81-year-old was recently admitted for rehabilitation. Since the COVID pandemic, residents of nursing facilities aren’t allowed visitors so Davis’ family has found a way to visit, even if it’s with a sheet of glass between them.

Granddaughters Anaisha Daryton and Desa Armstrong, along with Davis’ sister, Leslee Gasque and niece Cynthia Gasque spent a while standing in the heat waving to their grandmother as she looked on from the window of her room. Leslee said the first visit made her sister’s day. “She recognized all of us,” she said. “She smiled and waved to us.”

Gasque said they will visit Davis at least once or twice a week because they know it’s good for her. “We want her to know we care,” she said. “Instead of seeing strangers, she sees familiar faces, that makes a big difference.”

On March 13, Carlyle Senior Care administration stopped visitation amid the pandemic but continues to remain active with families. “We continue to communicate with our families through our website www.carlylekingstree.com and although we don’t know when the restriction will be lifted we look forward to celebrating with families, friends and our community when that time comes,” said Admissions Coordinator Ashley C. Monteith.

“We are in awe of how our medical workers and all the staff members, at every level, in every department, as we continue to care for residents despite these challenging times. We are simply honored by their service. Thanks to all of them, our residents receive the care they need each and every day. Their commitment is proof that we are stronger together as we unite in our fight against COVID-19.”