David Ellison pic

Combat veteran and tree farmer, David Ellison is campaigning for District 32 Senate. The Republican stopped by local businesses to meet with owners and citizens, where he discussed his vision for the district in which he plans to serve if elected.           

Photo by Michaele Duke 

State Senate hopeful David Ellison stopped by businesses around the Historical District of Kingstree to spread his campaign message. District 32 includes Georgetown, Williamsburg, Horry, Berkeley and Florence counties. The republican candidate’s platform focuses on changing the educational system by allowing parents Parental Educational Choice (PEC) by giving them the near $17,000 taxpayer funds allocated per Williamsburg County pupil.

In addition, Ellison will work to fix roads, lower taxes, help small business owners and fix the healthcare system. “What the democrats want to do is get rid of those millions and millions of healthcare plans. They want to go to single payer, universal healthcare. Guess what? I know what universal healthcare feels like because I am in the VA system,” said Ellison while talking with a business owner on Academy Street.

Ellison decided to enter the race when he moved to Georgetown County in 2015. Shortly after, he sent a letter to Senator Ronnie Sabb regarding school choice for one and didn’t get a response. “At that point I said this system is totally broken,” he said. 

Ellison, a combat veteran, lives in Georgetown County. He says he is tired of the crony good-ol boy system rule the day. “I am tired of selective moral outrage,” he said. “Why is the NAACP more concerned about people taking a knee at the American Flag and not standing up for the Star-Spangled Banner, then standing up for the 52% of males, mostly whom are African American that don’t graduate? It’s a total double standard.” 

Ellison said when freedom comes in, liberty not lockdown, jobs not mobs, you know, good things happen. “I think that’s the difference between my opponent, Senator Sabb and myself,” he said. “I put more faith in God and the citizens, then government.” If Ellison wins, he will be the first republican to do so in District 32.