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Andre Dorsey

Williamsburg County Chief of Public Services Andre Dorsey presented Williamsburg County Council a brief on the condition of County Transit Services. Dorsey’s role is to oversee such critical departments as Emergency Medical Services, Fire, Recreation and Transit. Responsibilities include overseeing time-sheets, planning and structure of the departments.

Dorsey informed council that they had not received reimbursement of state funding from the S.C. Department of Transportation because of ongoing non-compliant issues discovered in a 2019 audit. That has been resolved and Dorsey said they are on track. He also said they are working to address other issues such as inventory, which has been in disarray, before the state auditor arrives in November. Passenger revenues are obviously down also as a result of the COVID pandemic but Dorsey said they are picking up. Passengers must wear masks on the buses, which are equipped with shields, and funding is expected to pay for filtration systems.

Williamsburg County Supervisor Dr. Tiffany Wright created a military style change-of-command structure after she was elected in 2019. In the past, all county departments reported to the supervisor. Emergency Services is set up in the same tiered structure. She also has a Chief of Administration whose role is to oversee departments such as codes enforcement and the tax collector’s office.

Wright said Dorsey’s $80,000 salary is paid for by the state. He was making approximately $55,000 as County Recreation Director before assuming his present status. Wright said she does not plan to hire a Transit director as Dorsey’s current title encompasses the position. When former Transit Director Michael Burgess retired January 2020, on the heels of a forensic audit that revealed a list of discrepancies to include internal control issues in respect to inventory, payroll and time management, his salary was approximately $112,000.