Leslie Wright pic

Leslie Wright, a native of Kingstree, was hired September 14, as Williamsburg County Department on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Director. She possesses several licenses and certificates to include Licensed Professional Counselor and Level 1 National Certified Addiction Counselor.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Leslie Wright has been hired as Williamsburg County Department on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Director. September 14, was her first day. She was Treatment Director at the center prior to being hired as director.

A Kingstree native, Wright attended Claflin University in Orangeburg after graduating from Kingstree Senior High School on a full scholarship as a member of the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College. Upon the completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree with a minor in Gerontology, she attended Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona where she received her Master of Science in Counseling. Wright’s credentials include Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, National Certified Addictions Counselor I, Certified Substance Abuse Professional, and Certified Prime for Life Instructor.  

From an early age Wright knew that she wanted to help others. “My parents always taught me that hard work would be rewarding,” she said. “Many people believe that rewards involve money, but for me the reward that I receive in helping others cannot be purchased with any amount of money.”

Wright’s vision for the agency is to bring awareness to substance abuse and addiction in the community so that the agency can properly treat this area of concern and support economic growth.  “Williamsburg County has a need for the services that we provide at Alcohol & Drug Abuse,” she said. “Our services play a major role in supporting change in the community with regards to economic growth. Areas must have a healthy community in order to attract economic growth. It will take all of the available resources and other local agencies to collaborate services in order to support change. We will also work closely with local employers and businesses to achieve these goals.”

Wright said the agency’s certified and licensed staff offer counseling as well as medication assisted treatment to some clients through a partnership with HopeHealth. The agency participates in networking and outreach to connect clients to services and partners with local businesses and agencies to aid those in need.

Wright said they plan to open a site Hemingway. “We have a new Hemingway office currently being renovated for clients in that area to eliminate transportation barriers,” she said. The agency is also looking into grant funding for substance abuse programs. “Basically, when we assess those funds we can offer more assistance,” she said. She is currently working on a grant targeted to tobacco use. “We haven’t had a program with medication assisted treatment for tobacco use yet so I’m very excited about that because there are so many clients that come in and ask about that.” Williamsburg County Department on Alcohol and Drug Abuse is located at 115 Short Street, Kingstree.