Voting machines

W.C. Council was presented a resolution for a memorandum of agreement regarding voting machines and other components of the new statewide voting system. The county will be responsible for maintenance fees after the first year. The county will pay approximately $26,000 per year for the following four years.

The machines, which weigh approximately 200 pounds each, must be transported to and from the polling places in a wire cage that could come with a huge cost. However the county will consider renting a van during elections and building its own cage. In the past, poll workers transported the machines. The equipment must be purchased and ready to use by the November 2019 elections and as well as the Presidential Election (possibly two primaries) in 2020.

In other business, the county is planning on revamping its website. The new site will provide many conveniences such as a way to pay water bills online, send instant alert messages to citizens and create an internal communications system for county employees. All governmental agencies will be linked for easy access.

The cost is approximately $43,000 annually the first three years followed by $28,600 for building the site and annual maintenance. In the fourth year the company will redesign the website at no cost. The funds for the website are included in a General Obligation Bond.