Audit Pic

Williamsburg County Supervisor Dr. Tiffany Wright wades through an ocean of time sheets and other information. In June Wright launched an investigation after concerns over possible wage and salary violations were brought to her attention. Once complete, Wright will hand over the files to the U.S. Department of Labor, where the investigation will move forward.

Photo by Michaele Duke

Williamsburg County Supervisor Dr. Tiffany Wright is in the middle of performing an internal investigation and current policy will be reviewed. She said the investigation was launched in June after concerns over wage and salary violations going back to 2017, were formally filed within the last month. “But people had been complaining for years about not being paid to their supervisor and the county supervisor,” said Wright.

The paperwork is overwhelming. Piles of information and folders are stacked on tables, desks and the floor of a meeting room in the Public Services building on Main Street. Once she has everything in order Wright will hand it over to the U.S. Department of Labor where the investigation will move forward.

The complaints were filed at the South Carolina Labor Licensing and Regulations Department and the U.S. Department of Labor. Wright said she was certified under the Payroll Audit Independent Determination program (PAID), to conduct the audit and has asked the Department of Labor for an extension because she believes it will take another month to organize every time sheet and daily log and enter the information in a spreadsheet. “We do have a deadline that we have to meet with the U.S. Department of Labor,” said Wright.

Wright said an example of the complaint was an employee working 12 hours but only paid for six hours. If the complaints are found to be factual, those employees affected could receive up to two years of back pay, which Wright said could be approximately $1 million, a price tag that could add to the county’s budget woes.