Kingstree Town General Election is coming up. Candidates have filed for Kingstree Mayor and …

This June, terms for the Williamsburg County Council seats 3, 4, and 5 are up for voting. Running for re-election to maintain his District 3 seat on the Williamsburg County Council is Jonathan Joe Miller of Andrews. He faces Harry Darby, also of Andrews, and Anita James of Lane.

Martin Cunningham is facing off against incumbent Eddie Woods to claim the Williamsburg County Council District 4 seat. Both men are from Greeleyville.

Seeking election to the County Council District 5 seat is Sulondia “Sue-Ham” Hammond of Kingstree. She is running against incumbent Andy McKnight, also of Kingstree.

District 3:

According to the Williamsburg County Voter Registration and Elections online maps at, District 3 serves the Lane, Salters, Suttons, Earles, Trio, Harmony-Piney Forest areas of the county.

Miller, first elected to his seat on council in November 2016 and who took his office in January 2017, said he is seeking reelection for the same reason he sought election the first time.

“There are things in the community that I can help work to improve in my district,” he said. Miller said he wants to make sure his community gets its fair share of the county’s attention.

One of the first things Miller said he worked on with his fellow councilmembers and administration was to address an ordinance regarding quarry applications and where businesses can locate. Zoning issues, such as the Jamestown quarry project, is something he helped to address.

Miller said he’s proud to have helped foster a relationship between businesses in the county and its citizens.

The past stands still, Miller said, the future moves forward. He said he hopes to continue to help Williamsburg County move forward.

Darby did not return telephone messages by deadline.

James has run for the District Seat 3 before, she said, and hopes to unseat the incumbent. James said after careful consideration and observation, she believes there is not the level of concern for fellow citizens she’d like to see at the council level.

“I’d like to see words into action,” she said. It’s one thing to talk about helping people, it’s another to do something positive.”

James, the first female lifeguard at the St. Lawrence Community Center, has lived in the county 24 years. She is a high school teacher and encourages people to talk to her if they have questions about where she stands on the issues facing the county.

After 24 years here, nothing has changed, she said. She has worked in the county through Next Generation Rentals and the Salters and Lane Community Action group to better the community around her, she said.

“I understand there are obstacles, to accomplishing things once elected,” she said, “but she’s ready to take on those obstacles.”

Her platform is on better education in the county and better roads. There’s no reason why every child (in the county) should not have the opportunity to reach their potential, she said. “We can do better/ We can achieve great victories. This platform is not about the individual, but about tackling our problems together.”

District 4:

This district serves the Black River, Mount Vernon, Salters, and Greeleyville areas.

Cunningham, though reached by telephone and with text messages, did not respond with answers before deadline for this story.

Woods, who has served on council for several years, also did not respond to a request for an interview.

District 5:

District 5 serves the Kingstree, Cedar Swamp and Central areas of the county.

McKnight has served 32 years on council.

Hammond said she is seeking election because she believes the county has lacked real leadership as well as a keen sense of direction. She said she wants to be a part of the solution and not a chronic complainer.

The U.S. Marine veterans said she decided “to lend my leadership, educational, and business skills to diligently work to enhance our way of living.”

 She said she is also running ”because I intend to secure better opportunities for young people.” Hammond believes she has the skills to work with other entities and to get things done. She said she is “a progressive thinker who skillfully executes plans successfully.”

More importantly, she added, she loves this county and its people. Hammond, owner of Sue-Ham Entertainment, which specializes in producing stage plays, TV Shows, and short films, is also a motivational speaker, coach, entrepreneur and author.

Hammond is Vice President of the PTO at Kenneth Gardner Elementary and volunteers on several Main Street committees, as well as the Williamsburg County Music Festival.