Circa Pic

Hemingway Mayor John Michael Collins and “Circa” owner Bryan Miller are shown just before cutting the ribbon at the store’s grand opening in late September.

Photo provided

Back by popular demand. Bryan Miller has opened a “quality used furniture, antique and home décor store on Hemingway’s Main Street. Previously, Miller owned such a business but closed it for a year or so.

“I decided to reopen it after people kept telling me there was nowhere to shop in Hemingway and they liked what I had done before … I am open three days a week, but this shop has turned into real work,” Miller said. And should you arrive in Hemingway during the hours the store is open (about 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.), the days it is open (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), and not catch the store open, Miller said just call him and he’ll come let you in.

That number is (843) 687-6780. “I’m around town,” he said. A business owner, Miller oversees refurbishings, remodeling, and renovations of homes and businesses. A Hemingway native, he owns and leases several properties in town and beyond.

Miller’s store, “Circa,” also features used Oriental rugs, beds and more, “at affordable prices.” Some of the furniture that comes through the store cost thousands of dollars when new, he said. He sells it for a $100 or more.

In the 3,000 square foot of space, Miller houses beds, sofas, chairs, and side tables. Miller said the store is in one section of the building he owns and has renovated.

He has recently signed a lease to bring a tax office, a new restaurant (in what was once the Pretty Penny Bar and Grill), and an “Air B & B.” Miller said he enjoys investing in his home town and wishes more would.

“We need more people to do the same,” he said. When Miller had the present location of Circa refurbished, he retained the original tin-stamped ceiling. In place since the 1930s, Miller said it took about a month for his crew to refinish the squares.

“It’s just exciting reusing old things and bringing things back to life,” Miller said. “Things are worth saving. Towns are worth saving … We have a new merchants association and they are bringing positive energy.”

It’ll take the town working together to move forward, Miller said. And if anyone has an idea of what the town needs, bring it him, or the Mayor, John Michael Collins, he added.