“Though Kingstree is the county’s hub, so to speak,” Martha Burrows, executive director of the Williamsburg HomeTown Chamber, said, “Hemingway is like the next busiest place. So I’ve been reaching out to help the businesses here.”

Burrows appeared before a special meeting Monday, Sept. 23, of the Hemingway Town Council, along with Robin Lewis and Tamara Johnson, members of the Hemingway Merchants Association. The three appeared before council to ask for money to help with a Christmas event. Councilmembers voted to give the local merchants association and the chamber $1,500 to help with a Christmas event set for Dec. 7.

“I’m for it,” Councilmember Charles Carter said, adding. “I like the idea ... If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right.”

Mayor John Michael Collins said the event is one of three planned annually for the town. In addition to the annual spring S.C. Barbecue-Shag Festival, the Christmas event will be joined by a street dance, set this year for Nov. 9.

The December event will be from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and feature carolers and other Christmas movie, a kid’s zone with activities, a s’mores pit, a movie and more, Burrows said.

The town funds are from those gathered through the hospitality tax. The event is planned for the day before the town’s Christmas parade, set for Sunday afternoon, Dec. 10.

The town’s merchants will be participating, Burrows said, and the Lions Club is setting up an Angel Tree.