Caring for the caregivers

Photo by Michaele Duke

The Rev. James Williams, Pastor of the Saint Paul United Methodist Church in Morrisville, wanted those essential workers within our county who have worked tirelessly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to receive some form of appreciation for their hard work.  You see, he works daily as a first responder himself at Adams Life Link Ambulance in Kingstree.

Williams called a few of his colleagues who are also pastors in Williamsburg County.  How can we say “thank you” to those who are on the front lines each day caring for those affected by this terrible disease?  The pastors and their churches came together to make Thursday a special day for each worker at the various health facilities and emergency departments in Kingstree.  Churches involved were the Saint Paul United Methodist Church-Morrisville (the Rev. James Williams, pastor), Friendship United Methodist Church-Nesmith (the Rev. Dr. Eddie Williams, pastor), Mount Zion United Methodist Church-Kingstree (the Rev. Mark Mitchell, pastor) and the Saint Paul United Methodist Church-Kingstree (the Rev. Jerry L. Gadsden, pastor).  These churches came together to show how unity is done within The United Methodist Church.

Lunch was provided to the following on Thursday, May 7, for their hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.  Everyone came together in a significant way to provide over 350 meals to those who respond and sacrifice their own lives for the sake of the health and well being of our community.  Meals were delivered to the following:  Williamsburg County EMS,  Williamsburg Regional Hospital, Kingstree Nursing Facility, Kingstree Dialysis Center, Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Department, Kingstree Police Department, Williamsburg County Fire Department, Kingstree Fire Department, Williamsburg County Emergency Management Division/E911 and Adams Life Link Ambulance Service.  They also want to extend their thanks and appreciation to the businesses within our community for partnering with the churches to make this happen.